Starting Over & Starting Something Part 2

So when I left off my story last time I had ordered the DDP Yoga program. I got some really good results with the program and was able to drop a few pounds. As the weeks went on, however, the motivation dwindled and my workouts got fewer and less consistent. I eventually put the weight back on and got back into my same old patterns of eating whatever I wanted and not getting any exercise. This pattern continued for the next few years where I’d get super motivated to workout and eat well and then quit a few weeks later. 

When I left college and moved back in with my parents I made a decision that I was going to get in shape if it was the last thing I did. It was time. I met with a weight loss specialist who put me on a fairly restricted diet. I went by her plan for a few weeks and saw results but I felt hungry all the time. I went off of her written plan and started trying to be smarter about my food choices. It was then that the pounds really started to come off. I added in a little exercise; walking, riding my bike, and DDP Yoga here and there. I went back to the weight loss specialist and she was astounded by my progress. Between August and November of 2014 I’d lost around 50 pounds!

Once I hit the 50 pound mark I had a thought on the way to the gym. If I can lose 50 lbs, why can’t I run a half marathon?


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