Week 1


Current Weight: 236.8 LBS

Weight Lost: 4.6 LBS

This has been a good week. I’ve been challenging how I think about some things. Like the fact that I really don’t need to eat three meals a day to be satiated or healthy. I did intermittent fasting on Wednesday and Sunday. The only thing I consumed before noon other than water was Bulletproof coffee.  I feel fine on these days because I’m trying to get my body to run on my stored body fat rather than carbs which turn into sugar.

I’ve been doing some reading on the ketogenic diet which boils down to eating high healthy fat and low carbs. I haven’t stuck strictly to the diet, I ate some cake at my best friend’s wedding on Sunday. On Monday morning I got up early and got on the yoga mat.

I’m excited about this upcoming week and can’t wait to see what I can do!


Day 1

IMG_0918Here we go!

Today begins The Year of Faith. It’s going to be a long road with a lot of bumps but I know, I have FAITH, that I can do this and get to this day next year a changed person. I’m planning on making a post here every Wednesday with a progress update as well as photos.

W would love for this to reach as many people as possible so maybe my journey could inspire someone else to do something like this. I want people to take control of their life. Living is so much better than merely existing.

I just finished my first workout of The Year and I’m feeling great! I know DDP Yoga works and I want to be one of the next success stories for this great program. If you’ve never heard of DDP Yoga, go online and google it. There have been multiple success stories go viral since the program launched.

Let’s start something here! Keep checking back every week and come with me on this journey.

The Year of Faith

IMG_0860.JPGOn my next birthday I will be 26 years old. I’m going to do something BIG for my birthday. Something I’ve never really done. On my birthday I’m going to commit to changing myself for one whole year. I’m going to call this my Year of Faith.

This is my plan

First: I’m going to totally commit to God and put Him first in all things. I’m going to grow my FAITH in Jesus Christ. This means reading my bible every day and really learning the word. I’m going to need His strength and power to do this. Without Him I’ll never be able to accomplish my goals for this year.

Second: I’m going to commit to doing DDP Yoga every day for one full year. I’m not going to let myself give in to my own laziness and excuses. I know DDP Yoga works. And I know it can do awesome things for my body. I’m going to have FAITH in myself that I can get healthy and stay healthy.

Third: I’m going to commit to being creative every day. This can be through photography or writing or whatever I think of throughout the year. I know I can create something great. I’m going to have FAITH that I can be the creative person I know I can be.

This year will be about living the kind of life I want to live and being the person I want to be. I’m going to keep post here weekly throughout this year to record the highs and lows of this journey as well as take progress photos once a month. I know this will be a challenge and I’m going to want to quit. Satan is not going to like this, but I’m going to finally show him that I’m not his to manipulate anymore. I thank God for this vision He gave me and pray that He will guide me and give me the strength I need to get to October 11 2018 a changed man.

Starting Over & Starting Something Part 2

So when I left off my story last time I had ordered the DDP Yoga program. I got some really good results with the program and was able to drop a few pounds. As the weeks went on, however, the motivation dwindled and my workouts got fewer and less consistent. I eventually put the weight back on and got back into my same old patterns of eating whatever I wanted and not getting any exercise. This pattern continued for the next few years where I’d get super motivated to workout and eat well and then quit a few weeks later. 

When I left college and moved back in with my parents I made a decision that I was going to get in shape if it was the last thing I did. It was time. I met with a weight loss specialist who put me on a fairly restricted diet. I went by her plan for a few weeks and saw results but I felt hungry all the time. I went off of her written plan and started trying to be smarter about my food choices. It was then that the pounds really started to come off. I added in a little exercise; walking, riding my bike, and DDP Yoga here and there. I went back to the weight loss specialist and she was astounded by my progress. Between August and November of 2014 I’d lost around 50 pounds!

Once I hit the 50 pound mark I had a thought on the way to the gym. If I can lose 50 lbs, why can’t I run a half marathon?

How Do You Talk To Yourself?

The way you talk to yourself can have a MAJOR impact on your life and you fitness goals. We often are our own worst enemy when it comes to motivating ourselves. I know this because I’m guilty too. We look at ourselves in the mirror and cherry pick every little ting we don’t like.

“You’re too fat.”

“I don’t like your face.”

“You’re lazy.”

“You’re not good enough.”

Now, try to imagine you heard someone saying something like that to someone you care about. More than likely you would get offended and step in to defend that person. So this raises the question: Why would we talk to ourselves like that?

In our weight loss journeys we need to be our own biggest fan, our own cheerleader, our own coach. If you have a friend or loved one who is that person for you then that’s even better, but our motivation and inspiration needs to start from ourselves. The only thing negative self-talk does is bring you down and make you feel worse about yourself. 

So let’s try to cut the negative self-talk out of our lives and start being our own biggest fan!

MP=/=MF (My Past Is Not My Future)

Starting Over & Starting Something New

Welcome to the new Losing It Blog! This blog will be dedicated to telling stories of weight loss and fitness journeys. When most people see a weight loss story online it usually is about someone losing hundreds of pounds by doing some crazy kind of diet. That is not what this blog will be about. It will be about REAL people and REAL stories and REAL results. I’m going to start out this blog with my own story. It’ll be told over a few posts so there will be steady content posted here. My goal is to do at least one post every week. So without any further ado, here is my story.

I had been overweight all my life. I was terribly bullied when I was in school and this caused some pretty major emotional scaring. Unfortunately, the beginning of my story is the same as a lot of kids in this country. I think that is what a lot of overweight kids go through. Fast forward to when I was twenty years old and I found myself working with a personal trainer for a few months in the summer of 2012. That was the first time I really discovered that it was possible to lose weight and be motivated to continue. That summer I started around 250 lbs and ended the summer around 230 lbs. When I returned to college that fall, I was away from my trainer and didn’t really have anyone to help keep me accountable. I gained all the weight that I had lost back and then some.

A quick side note that will end up playing a big part in this story. I am a huge professional wrestling fan. I don’t remember how or why I started watching wrestling but I’ve been watching it since the late 90’s. Around the same time I was working with my trainer and going to school, a retired wrestler by the name of Diamond Dallas Page started working with another wrestler named Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake had been down and out for years. Hooked on drugs and alcohol he was barley his former self. DDP brought Jake to his home near Atlanta and started working with him and doing Dallas’s DDP Yoga program. One day I saw a new picture of Jake after doing DDP Yoga for a few months. He looked like a new man! That got me thinking about myself and my own weight loss journey up to that point. I made a decision right then to order the DDP Yoga DVD’s and commit to the program.

This is where I’m going to end this post for today. Check back here over the next few weeks to see where this all leads and what the future holds for myself and for this blog.

MP=/=MF (My past does not equal My future)